Climate Change is an existential threat to our sport. From extreme heat, flash floods and water shortages threatening the ability to play in certain countries, cricket is already impacted by the changing climate, which is why Desert Vipers are putting sustainability as part of our core identity and values. As a new franchise, we have an opportunity to lead by example to help ensure the long-term future of the sport we love.


We have calculated our carbon footprint and are focused on reducing emissions, especially from travel. We've set science-based targets to cut emissions 50% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.


We are collaborating with partners on new initiatives like cricket carbon credits, a willow tree program, and education to drive sustainability in cricket. We aim to engage stakeholders across the sport to increase awareness and implement solutions that are kind to the environment and protect the future of cricket.


By transparently sharing our sustainability journey and bringing players, partners and fans along with us, we hope to inspire a movement for sustainability in cricket and beyond, starting with the following initiatives:

  • Signing the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework and setting science-based targets for emissions reductions.
  • Tracking and sharing our carbon footprint
  • Developing partnerships focused on sustainability
  • Launching "cricket carbon credits" to offset emissions with 1.5 Degrees Sport.
  • Primary and secondary school education programmes and a collaboration with the Environmental Change Institute, including an internship program and the development of sports sustainability courses.
  • Player engagement and rewards around sustainability.
  • Hosting sustainability focused events and engaging fans on sustainability.
  • Using electric scooters and reducing plastic waste.
  • Transparent reporting and thought leadership on sustainability in cricket.

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