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Our Zero Kit to Landfill Strategy

At Desert Vipers, our Zero Kit to Landfill Strategy is a continuation of our work to embed sustainability within the heart of our operations as a franchise.

Looking Towards Season 3

In the immediate aftermath of our final match, there was lots to do before everyone left the Team Hotel. The nature of knockout tournaments means that you’re never 100% sure of when you will be out of the competition, so creating systems to simplify the process of packing up and leaving is of paramount importance. This year, we focussed on collecting and recording leftover kit – either that which was earmarked for the fans for the knockout stages (which we didn’t quite reach), or kit which our team members wanted to leave for us to donate or upcycle.

Reflections on Season 2

The DP World ILT20 Tournament has come to a close, and we’ve had a chance to rest and recover after a rollercoaster of a tournament. For me, it was my first ever experience working within a sporting environment, and the range of emotions I felt was something that I’ve never experienced before.

A New Dawn

Switching from single-use to refillable water bottles is one way in which we’re working to reduce plastic in our team, and is one of our commitments to the Plastic Pledge, which we were proud to announce our commitment to last week.